Camp Fire Trial Lawyers Pushing Litigation on behalf of Camp Fire Victims

An official court hearing is set for May 24, 2019 before Butte County Superior Court Judge Michael P. Candela. This hearing date came after the Camp Fire Trial Lawyers filed a complaint early on behalf of  victims of the 2018 Camp Fire.  However, a petition for coordination has been filed in San Francisco, asking the state court to coordinate the Camp Fire cases and assign them all to one state court Judge.  That hearing is scheduled January 31, 2019 in San Francisco.  If all are assigned to one Judge, the Butte County case will be transferred as well.

The complaint set in Butte County is Trostle v. PG&E Corporation, et al. (Case Number 18CV03763), which the team filed on November 21, 2018, just days after the fire broke out in Butte County, CA. The Camp Fire Trial Lawyers are representing Kirk Trostle and his wife, Patty Garrison. The lawsuit alleges that PG&E failed to safely and properly maintain its power lines, resulting in the loss of the couple’s home. Their children also lost their homes. Kirk Trostle has been a member of the Butte County community for over 30 years. He is a former Police Chief of Chico and Oroville. Garrison is a retired principal of Stanford Elementary School in Oroville and a lifelong educator. Chief Trostle and Patty Garrison have been devastated by the impact to their family and the community.

By filing this complaint early, the Camp Fire Trial Lawyers are aggressively pushing the litigation for the victims of the Camp Fire. The goal is to move the cases toward a just and speedy resolution of the claims, so clients can obtain the compensation they need to get back on their feet.

The team made the right decision by filing in Butte County Superior Court – as opposed to San Francisco County Superior Court – because the citizens of Butte County should be able to directly address the issues raised in this very important case. While San Francisco may have a larger Superior Court system, it is the citizens of Butte County who are impacted. When a jury is seated to decide the responsibility of this fire, it should be citizens of Butte who sit on that jury. If the Butte County courts do not have the capacity, the case should be tried as close as possible to the place where the fire occurred, preferably Sacramento.

If you have any questions about the Camp Fire litigation, we welcome you to contact the Camp Fire Trial Lawyers at 530-755-7810.


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