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Who We Are

The Camp Fire Trial lawyers have over a decade of experience handling powerline-triggered fires. They are also lifelong California residents who compiled these resources to help families and neighbors through this devastating time.  CaseyGerry is one of the oldest and most established plaintiff’s civil litigation firms in California with more than 72 years of experience. The firm has teamed up with two of the most experienced powerline fire lawyers in the United States: Thomas Tosdal and Michael Feinberg.

Thomas and Michael are two leading power line lawyers in fire litigation related to powerlines. Thomas, Michael and Angela Jae Chun of CaseyGerry were part of the legal team in the San Diego fire litigation in 2007 who successfully recovered more than half a billion dollars for the hundreds of families they were honored to represent.

Thomas has taken a leadership role in establishing liability, proving damages and obtaining fair compensation for hundreds of residents, farmers, and companies harmed by California powerline fires. He is one of the few lawyers to ever successfully take a powerline case to trial and win on a national level. A graduate of Harvard Law, Thomas has been recognized by the Trial Bar and several legal publications for his outstanding work.

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Thomas Tosdal – Testimonials

“I have personally complimented Mr. Tosdal as being one of the best, if not the single best attorney I have ever seen in a courtroom.”

(2017) Honorable Vern Payne, Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court (retired)

“I have commented to many of my colleagues that I have never seen a better overall courtroom presentation than what I saw Tom Tosdal do as lead counsel…”

(2017) Honorable Vern Payne, Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court (retired)

“…our discussion was that the tribe was blessed to have had what I and they consider to have been the most outstanding representation either of us had ever seen.”

(2017) Honorable Vern Payne, Chief Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court (retired)

What should homeowners and businesses do after a California fire?

Legal Action for Camp Fire Victims in Paradise, Butte County, California

Holding PG&E Accountable

IN NOVEMBER 2018, a high-voltage powerline experienced a problem in Butte County, California. A devastating fire began to spread, quickly claiming lives and destroying more buildings than any other wildfire in California history.

As lifelong California residents and leading fire lawyers in cases involving California wildfires and powerline-caused fires, we have compiled this website to assist families affected by the fire in the Paradise and Butte County area by providing the resources available to them during this incredibly difficult time.

An investigation is underway into a potential connection between a Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) powerline and the massive wildfire in Northern California.

Camp Fire Lawyers honored to represent survivors

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